How to clean suede couches

 How to clean a microfiber couch
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Goods used:

- Professionals Choice Textile Cleaner (or any textile cleaner) - Denatured Alcohol 
- Apply bottles - Microfiber clothes - Mastercard - Plastic bristle scrub remember to brush 
- Elbow grease.

The first thing I would recommend is washing marker and crayon shut off first by simply bringing out them with the alcoholic beverages and scrubbing with comb and cloth.
1. Bottle of spray couch over the get into surface you wish to clean, let soak pertaining to a few seconds or perhaps so, too much time and that soaks into the couch, you don't want that.
2. Scrap across area with credit card by a 45 degree viewpoint and slightly cupped. Carry out this frequently until you no longer remove the dirt
3. Scrub the newly cleaned area with clean microfiber cloth to remove excess fluid and grime
4. Dry with ceiling fan or what ever you own
5. Wash entire couch lightly with clean/dry brush to aggitate the fabric and ease this
6. If spots persist, repeat.

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